Car Tips & Pointers
Fluids,Fluids,Fluids.. If you flush your fluids and keep them in good condition, your car will last for-ever!!
The main 3 are: **Engine oil** **Transmission Oil** and finally ** Coolant, or Radiator fluid (this is an oil)*****
-Engine is every 5,000 miles(my 5k service)
-Transmission is 30,000 miles (full flush)
-Coolant is every 30,000 miles. (full flush)
If you do these three simple oils, you will not be replacing water pumps, radiators, timing chains, transmissions ect...
You can NOT afford to not do these, The repairs that result from not doing these flush's are 10 times the cost of just maintanence! Trust me, Even I do not like to give customers high repair estimates on repairs that I know could have been avoided. The old saying "pay me now, or pay me alot later" Does have truth..