New Customers
Thank you so much for considering me as your mechanic!
I have worked very hard to develop a superior work environment and have some terrific customers.
I have invested a huge amount in the latest tools and equipment as well as diagnostic scanners and
software. I have three very high end scanners that allow me to diagnose your car and fix it right.
I am not a pressure seller, I will however evaluate your vehicle and suggest various services to you that
will save you money in the long term depending on your needs.
My strongest suggested services are fluids, fluids, fluids.
You have three main fluids in your vehicle that if properly maintained you will NEVER have the problems that
you hear horror stories about.
These fluids are engine oil, transmission oil, and your coolant (which is oil based).
My engine oil program is every 5,000 miles
My Transmission flush program is at least every 30,000 miles.
My coolant flush program is every 30,000 miles.
Do these three things and you will not be replacing water pumps, oil pumps, transmission valve bodies,
radiators, hoses, heater cores, and the list goes on...
Also if your car has under 75,000 miles, you will receive a FREE extended warranty contract for
components that are exposed to the fluids that I service.
Like I said, I have worked very hard to give each one of my customers the most bang for their hard earned dollar.
Most importantly I will not lie, cheat or deceive you in any way. I treat everyone the same regardless race, sex, gender, income or the value of their car. How-ever there are times I may decline to work on a car that has been very poorly maintained and/or very old.
I like to prioritize future services as much as possible so that you can plan and save for those events. I myself
do not like surprise large bills and give you the respect in choosing your own "level of attack".
Also I have a wonderful website with tons of extra services like: scheduling on-line, e-mailing me after hours, and many interesting tools for you to use.
I offer e-mail reminders to all my customers.
It is so important to have a dedicated mechanic for all your needs, that way I know everything about you and
your car and can save you so much money verses shopping around for each and every service.
I am very competitively priced, though I understand I may not be the cheapest guy out there, But rest assured
That I will save you money with quality parts, and with my great knowledge to diagnose and repair the
right problem the first time.
I am very good at what I do, I have almost 25 years hands on experience!
However being an honest guy and feeling for customers situations in this bad economy, I have found myself loosing money these past few years. I often let customers negotiate me right out of my profits. Many of us have heard horror stories of some getting ripped of by an auto shop. Rest assured I don't do that, Just please, please allow me to make a profit so that I can provide for my family :)

Thanks again! and I hope you will give me a try.
-Russ Dehart (your car Dr)